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The AZ-801 Exam is a comprehensive certification assessment designed for IT professionals seeking to demonstrate their expertise in configuring and managing advanced hybrid services on Windows Server. This exam focuses on the integration of on-premises and cloud technologies, enabling organizations to leverage the power of both environments effectively.
The AZ-801 exam covers a wide range of topics, including implementing and managing Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Connect, Azure AD Connect Health, and Azure AD Application Proxy. Candidates will also be tested on their ability to configure and manage hybrid networking, hybrid storage solutions, and hybrid virtual machines.
With this certification, professionals will validate their skills in implementing advanced hybrid services, which is crucial for organizations adopting a hybrid cloud approach. They will be able to effectively connect on-premises infrastructure with Azure services, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced productivity.
Upon passing the AZ-801 exam, candidates demonstrate their proficiency in configuring and managing critical components of the Windows Server hybrid environment.
Prepare for the AZ-801 Exam to showcase expertise in configuring and managing advanced hybrid services and open up exciting career opportunities in the realm of Windows Server administration.