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AI-102 Exam is a comprehensive certification that validates the expertise required to design, implement, monitor, and manage AI solutions on the Microsoft Azure platform. This exam is designed for AI engineers who work with various Azure services to build and deploy AI solutions.
The AI-102 exam covers a wide range of topics, including designing AI solutions, implementing data storage and data processing solutions, implementing computer vision solutions, implementing natural language processing (NLP) solutions, and implementing conversational AI solutions.
By earning the AI-102 certification, professionals demonstrate their expertise in developing AI solutions using Azure technologies. They showcase their ability to create intelligent applications that can understand, process, and respond to data in real time. This certification validates their skills in building and deploying machine learning models, leveraging cognitive services, and implementing solutions that can analyze unstructured data.
Preparing for the AI-102 exam involves a deep understanding of Azure services like Azure Machine Learning, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Databricks, and Azure Bot Service. Candidates should have experience in designing and implementing machine learning models, as well as knowledge of Python programming and data engineering concepts.