Question and Answer: 66

The DP-900 exam is a certification exam invented to test an individual's acquaintance with the foundational concepts of cloud-based data services on Microsoft Azure. This exam is suitable for individuals who want to continue their career in data engineering or data science on Azure or for professionals who need to work with Azure data services as part of their job responsibilities.
The DP-900 exam focuses on various concepts, including understanding core data concepts, working with relational and non-relational data on Azure, leveraging data analytics services, and working with Azure data storage solutions. The exam also covers the security and compliance aspects of Azure data services.
To prepare for the DP-900 exam, candidates should have a fundamental understanding of data concepts and some experience working with data platforms and services. Candidates can also join the Microsoft Azure community to get access to valuable resources and learn from industry experts.
Passing the DP-900 exam demonstrates that a candidate has a foundational understanding of cloud-based data services on Azure. This Microsoft certification is a good way to validate one's skills and enhance career opportunities in the data engineering and data science fields.