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The AZ-120 Exam is designed for professionals who specialize in deploying, managing, and optimizing SAP workloads on the Microsoft Azure platform. This comprehensive exam validates the candidate's knowledge and skills in various areas such as Azure infrastructure, SAP HANA, SAP NetWeaver, high availability, disaster recovery, and performance optimization.
AZ-120 exam equips individuals with the expertise to architect, implement, and monitor SAP solutions on Azure, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.
Candidates who successfully pass the AZ-120 exam demonstrate their ability to design and deploy Azure infrastructure for SAP workloads, including virtual networks, storage solutions, and identity management. They can configure high availability and disaster recovery strategies, utilizing Azure services such as Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup.
Additionally, they possess the skills to optimize SAP workloads on Azure, leveraging features like Azure Monitor and Azure Advisor to monitor performance, identify bottlenecks, and implement performance tuning techniques.
By earning the AZ-120 certification, professionals showcase their proficiency in integrating SAP and Azure technologies, enabling organizations to achieve agility, scalability, and enhanced business outcomes. With this certification, individuals open up career opportunities in Azure-SAP integration, cloud consulting, and infrastructure management, making them highly valuable in today's technology-driven job market.