Question and Answer: 130

The 98-364 Exam is a comprehensive assessment designed to evaluate an individual's foundational knowledge and understanding of database concepts. This exam serves as an ideal for individuals pursuing a career in database administration or data management.
The 98-364 exam ensures that they possess the necessary skills to work with databases effectively. From basic concepts such as tables, columns, and rows to more advanced concepts like normalization, data manipulation, and data integrity, the exam tests their ability to design, implement, and maintain a database system.
By successfully passing the 98-364 Exam, they demonstrate their proficiency in essential database tasks. This certification validates their expertise in creating and managing database objects, querying and manipulating data, understanding database security principles, and comprehending the basics of database backup and recovery.
Preparing for the exam requires a deep understanding of database concepts, SQL (Structured Query Language), and practical experience with database management systems. Studying for the 98-364 exam equips them with the necessary understanding and aptitudes to excel in database-related roles, including database administrator, data analyst, or database developer.