Question and Answer: 89

The SC-900 Exam is a comprehensive certification test designed for individuals looking to establish a strong foundation in security, compliance, and identity concepts within the Microsoft ecosystem. This exam validates the essential knowledge required to understand security methodologies, compliance requirements, and identity and access management principles.
With SC-900 certification, professionals gain a solid understanding of Microsoft 365 security and compliance center, Azure security center, and Azure Active Directory. They develop the skills to evaluate the security posture of an organization and implement appropriate measures to protect data and resources effectively.
The SC-900 exam assesses various domains, including understanding security, compliance, and identity concepts; securing Microsoft 365 services; and implementing security solutions. 
By successfully passing the SC-900 exam, individuals demonstrate their competence in implementing security measures and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. This certification is ideal for IT professionals, security administrators, compliance officers, and individuals seeking to enhance their knowledge of Microsoft security and identity fundamentals.
Obtaining the SC-900 certification distinguishes professionals as experts in security and compliance within the Microsoft environment, making them valuable assets to organizations seeking to protect their data and maintain regulatory compliance.